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    Call Centre

    Call Centre
    Our call centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (366 days every 4th year). If your marketing plan calls for your potential customer to call you via a designated number, then we can help you process those calls in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. No matter what media you utilize: TV, direct mail, radio, catalog, magazines, newspapers, outdoor or any mixture of them.

    Our services include but are not limited to:

    Sales Order Processing.
    We obtain all necessary information which usually includes: Name, address, Telephone number, Credit Card Type and Number, Expiration Date,Product or Service Desired (including size,model number, quantity desired, etc.), shipping instructions and source code.
    Within the next several months premium rate and toll free numbers will be available in Russia. This means that for the first time a single telephone number can be used for marketing and advertising purposes across 11 time zones. It means that for sales order processing purposes the equipment can be stored in a central location to be shipped out (via train or plane) to other Russian cities or CIS countries.

    24 hr Messaging Service.
    Specialising in complex messaging and live telephone answering services for the business, medical, educational, and government communities.

    Lead Generation.
    Obtaining all pertinent information from the caller to process a request for product literature, free sample, brochure, catalog, etc. This service can also include procuring specific demographic information from the caller.

    Referral Locator.
    This service allows us to provide your caller with the name and all other pertinent information regarding the store, dealer or service provider that is geographically located closest to them.

    Credit Card Authorisation.
    With this service we relieve you of the burden of obtaining authorization on each credit card sale. Utilising your merchant account number, we will then be able to deliver only those orders for which authorisation has already been obtained.

    Data Delivery by Fax, E-Mail or Modem.
    The choice is yours. We can fax or e-mail data to you at predetermined times or you may call at your convenience to retrieve data. You may also choose to call our computer via modem to have your data downloaded directly to your computer.

    Data Base Compilation and verification.
    Our agents can compile and verify data bases specified to your needs.

    We don't know too much about you yet, but we want to know as much as we possibly can. Only by having this knowledge can we provide you with the service you deserve. All that we provide is service. Every other call centre tries to sell the same thing. Therefore, in order to remain successful and continue to grow, we must continue to provide better, more accurate, efficient and professional service to you - our client. Everything that we receive - salaries, benefits, even a place to work comes from one source, our clients. It is critical that this concept not be forgotten.

    Why Use Us?
    • We make sure we utilize our systems to the fullest to help you gain the advantage over your competitors. With the help of CATI, CTI, UCD and ACD we execute our projects in the most cost effective, time saving manner.
    • We have UPS and redundant systems in place to insure minimum down time due to unforeseen equipment and power failure.
    • Our technical support team is on hand 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to give you peace of mind that all possible problems be solved quickly and effectively, should they arise.
    • Our goal is to excel at providing the live operator services you require that will help you gain critical customer knowledge, recognize customer needs, and to respond to those needs.

      Tell us your vision and let us get our goal!

      Inform Excom Call Centre: Tel + 7 495 938-58-23.
      Fax + 7 495 938-52-70
      E-mail address: nadejda@inform-excom.ru

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